The "Russian Journal of Forensic Medicine" starts to publish articles in Chinese

Posted: 30.09.2022


The "Russian Journal of Forensic Medicine" changes its editorial policy in the direction of enchance the audience of readers, authors and peer-reviewers.

Taking into account the increasing interest in research published in the journal from China and Chinese-speaking specialists, the editors of the Journal and the Eco-Vector publishing house decided to make the published articles so accessible as possible for this audience.


The editors of the journal "Forensic Medicine" undertakes:

  • to accept manuscripts in Chinese and ensure their high-quality and comprehensive editorial processing, evaluation and peer-review;
  • to invite specialists in the field of forensic medicine and in the same time the Chinese native speakers to participate in the editorial board and editorial workflow. 


Eco-Vector publishing house takes care of all organizational issues for:

  • ensuring high-quality translation into Chinese and layout of the relevant elements of the article;
  • dissemination published articles in the Chinese scientific community (including through the CNKI database);
  • high-quality translation into Russian and/or English of accepted for publication articles received from Chine in Chinese, and parallel multilingual full-text publication of articles.

Eco-Vector publishing house already uses similar technologies for such journals as:

The editors of the "Russian Journal of Forensic Medicine" and the Eco-Vector publishing house are convinced that the multilingual model of articles publishing will allow our authors to effective disseminate their research results among the audience of forensic medicine and related specialties professionals around the world.

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