Bone regeneration of patients with osteoporosis takes significantly longer than the rehabilitation period of individuals without bone pathology. This is due to the predominance of destructive processes in the setting of osteoblastic reaction weakened by osteoporosis, persistent inflammatory reactions, as well as proliferating connective tissue.

Aim. Тo study the nature and dynamics of processes involved in the destruction and regeneration of bone tissue under various conditions, taking forensic medical assessment into account.

Material and methods. We studied the autopsy and biopsy material of bone tissue using clinical-instrumental and histological research methods.

Results. Using atomic force microscopy, it was found that in individuals with osteoporosis the formation of endosteal callus exhibits features associated with the impaired interlacing of collagen fibres due to the expanded space between them, and, as a result, an impaired connection between osseous structures with a low level of mineralisation.

Conclusion. In accordance with paragraph 24 of Order 194n On the Approval of Medical Criteria for Determining the Severity of Harm to Human Health verified systemic osteoporosis that was the setting for the fracture, which in fact is a pathological fracture, should not be considered as damage to health.

About the authors

V. P. Konev

Omsk State Medical University

Author for correspondence.

Vladimir P. Konev, Dr. Sci. (Med.), Prof., Departmental Head, Department of Forensic Medicine and Legal Studies

SPIN-код: 9195-0420, AuthorID: 349447

Russian Federation

S. N. Moskovskiy

Omsk State Medical University


Sergey N. Moskovskiy, Cand. Sci. (Med.), Assoc. Prof., Department of Forensic Medicine and Legal Studies

SPIN-код: 1180-1435, AuthorID: 645116

Russian Federation

A. E. Krivoshein

Omsk State Medical University


Artem E. Krivoshein, Cand. Sci. (Med.), Assoc. Prof., Department of Traumatology and Orthopedics

SPIN-код: 4331-2422, AuthorID: 813568

Russian Federation

Yu. O. Shishkina

Omsk State Medical University


Yuliya O. Shishkina, Research Assistant, Department of Forensic Medicine and Legal Studies

SPIN-код: 9694-6875, AuthorID: 988575

Russian Federation

A. S. Korshunov

Omsk State Medical University


Andrey S. Korshunov, Research Assistant, Department of Maxillofacial Surgery

SPIN-код: 1111-1502, AuthorID: 928078

Russian Federation

V. V. Goloshubina

Omsk State Medical University


Viktoria V. Goloshubina, Cand. Sci. (Med.), Assoc. Prof., Department of Outpatient Therapy and Internal Diseases

SPIN-код: 8047-1506, AuthorID: 779844

Russian Federation

V. V. Sorokina

Omsk State Medical University


Veronika V. Sorokina, Cand. Sci. (Med.), Assoc. Prof., Department of Forensic Medicine and Legal Studies

SPIN-код: 3171-4160, AuthorID: 441176

Russian Federation


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  1. Krivoshein AY, Konev VP, Kolesov SV, Moskovsky SN. COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF RADIOLOGIC ASPECTS OF FACET JOINTS IN SURGICAL TREATMENT OF PATIENTS WITH DEGENERATIVE DISEASES OF THE LUMBAR SPINE. Innovative Medicine of Kuban. 2021;(1):14. doi: 10.35401/2500-0268-2021-21-1-14-20

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